General Overhaul

After a high number of coffee cycles, machines start to underperform over time. Mineral deposits will start accumulating in the hydraulic circuit, espresso shots & steam for milk will be inconsistent and beverage temperature will start fluctuating.

Watery espressos, low steam pressure and just plain bad-tasting coffee will happen to any and all machines... that's where we come in. With our General Overhaul, not only will we give your machine a new lease on life, but we'll provide you with one of our own while we take care of yours.

Our general overhaul service includes:
  • Whole-machine disassembly
  • De-scaling & de-greasing of boiler, pipes and tubes
  • Whole-machine lubrication & resealing
  • Installation of new wiring contacts
  • Replacement of all worn-out components
  • Reinforcement of all electronic contacts
  • Repainting of all panels
  • Detailed performance test and calibration